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Here at the FCSA, we've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to set up a bike scheme that has been funded by Energy Saving Trust and the College.


The project allows students/staff to hire the use of an e-bike to try out for up to 4 weeks. The bikes can be used for commuting, leisure or simply to increase your health and fitness. Fife College staff and students have the chance to rent out these bikes from £2.50 per week.

If you would like to add your name to the waiting list, click here:

Here's the bikes we have available:

Electric Mountain Bike

The perfect all-around pedal-assisted bike, the Giant Fathom E+ 3 29 2021 Hardtail. If you have an interest in cycling for leisure and want to explore mountain biking, this is the bike for you. You can climb with greater ease and ride further—the perfect formula for an enjoyable day on the trail. A lightweight aluminium frame with trail-friendly geometry, 120mm of front suspension travel, and stable 29-inch wheels with tubeless tyres put you in control on off-road terrain.

mountain e-bike.png
Standard Ebike.png

Electric Hybrid/Road Bike

Make commuting and exploring town life easy, the EASE-E+ 2 Low step through commit to everyday rides for fitness and fun with its classic looks and modern technologies. This smooth and quiet E-bike is an open invitation to ride. Whether you do it for transportation, fitness or just plain fun, Ease E+ is with you all the way. The Giant Sync Drive F motor delivers a smooth, quiet, and natural riding experience. The lightweight aluminium frame is designed with a low step-through top tube, which makes it easy to mount and dismount, and a clutch mechanism makes shifting silent and smooth.

Electric Cargo Bike

The Tern GSD is a versatile option if you have kids or a lot of luggage. With a 200 kg (440 lb) Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight, the GSD is ready to replace your car. It’ll let you carry two kids plus groceries, or a whole lot of cargo but it’s the same length as a regular bike. Built-in dual-battery technology lets you ride all day, while space-saving features like Flat Fold and Vertical Parking make the GSD incredibly easy to own and use.

electric cargo.png
Hybrid Bike.png

Standard Hybrid Bike

The Trek Dual Sport 1 Hybrid Bike - Trek bicycles created a bike with versatility at its core. Designed to be a superb all-around bike ready for anything, the Dual Sport can handle the rigours of commuting, long weekend rides, smooth bike paths and gentle off-road trails, making it a great option for any rider who wants one bike to do it all.


My commute is from Edinburgh to Rosyth, a distance of just over 18.5 km each way.  The total distance on the e-bike is over 600km by evening after I cycle back that is 600km of car driving prevented by using the e-bike. - Mary

I am loving having it and I use it for this commute 3 times per week. We were a 2 car family - since lockdown, we realised that we didn't really need 2 cars as much. When I heard about the college incentive it seemed ideal - having access to the college electric bike to commute to work felt like the perfect time to reduce our household's carbon footprint. I use the bike for loads of things now, not just my work commute. It's also having a positive effect on my physical and mental health.....arriving at work feeling full of energy and fresh air! - Gill

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