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The FCSA and Fife College are currently working towards the SSS College Sport Award (CSA) and the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Awards (HBHM).

College Sport Award


The CSA is a self-improvement framework that will help us to provide physical activity and sport opportunities to our students, staff and the local community.

We achieved the 'Working Towards' of the CSA in 2020, the next stages are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. On achievement of each milestone, the college will be provided with up to £500 worth of sporting equipment. The Framework can be viewed below:

Click here for more info on the CSA.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The HBHM Awards also follows a self-improvement framework for colleges and universities in Scotland to improve student and staff well-being. The Awards were restructured in 2020 to a similar framework as the CSA. Fife College and the FCSA were the first institution to achieve the Bronze Award. More information is available on the SSS website, a copy of the framework can be viewed below:


If you're interested in this area, we have a working group and are looking for student representation. Get in touch with Kirsten Mullen by emailing

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