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Fife College is committed to its students and staff in providing you with many opportunities to become involved in active travel and cycling. 

We currently have a pool bike scheme allowing staff and students to hire a top of the range brand new hybrid bike, helmet and secure lock for a fee of £2.50 which will go towards maintenance costs. Offering this service to students and staff can commute to and from campuses with ease, whilst participating in active travel and gaining health benefits. 

Soon Fife College will be launching its first-ever E-bike project called ‘On Yer E-bike' allowing staff and students to trial a suitable E-bike from 1-4 weeks for a small fee. 


Each bike comes with a helmet, secure lock and a range of accessories to suit family and lifestyle needs. The ‘On Yer E-bike' project was designed to create opportunities for all. This may be to participate in a new activity, get involved in active travel, improve your health or even be part of a rehabilitation programme; there are endless possibilities.  


Links to bikes we have available:

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