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Meet The Team

Kayleigh Gallacher

President of Wellbeing and Equity

Hiya! My name is Kayleigh, but my friends call me Kayls. In my spare time, you'll probably find me asleep or doing some type of theatre related activity.

When I'm not snoring my head off, or at work, I am probably out drinking and eating good food with my pals or in the house having a self-care sesh, because we slay every day.

At work, however, I am a safe person to come to with anything that may be troubling you. I'm an open-minded gal, but it's also my job! You're in safe hands, so come say hi!

Craig Walker

FCSA Manager

As the first person to score a legitimate hole-in-one in Golf on GTA V Craig truly is a pioneer.

Rebecca Reader

Sports & Active Campus Coordinator

Want to get involved in sport or physical activity during your time at the college? Come see me!

When I’m not talking about college sport you’ll find me running, cycling, listening to music, looking after my 50+ houseplants or maintaining my almost 1000 day Duolingo streak. f there is techno blaring from your nearby FCSA office or sports kit lying around, you’ll know I’m nearby!

Frankie & Charlie

FCSA Mascots

We are the FCSA mascots - two adorable unicorns that pop up at FCSA and community events to help spread the word about the FCSA.

Do you want us at your community event? Of course you do. Who wouldn't?! Visit our site to find out more!

Taylor Edwards

President of Education and Representation

Hi, I'm Taylor! I've just turned 20 so I feel like a pensioner. I'm always up for a chat (gossip). I have a dog - the vets call him fat but I call him buster. I'm a secret musical theatre kid and I honestly have no idea what I want to do in life after the FCSA so if you're feeling the same, know you're not alone.

Jennifer Ritchie

Lead Engagement Co-ordinator

I'm the kind of person that could hold a five hour conversation about social justice. I'm passionate about all things equality and equity, particularly disability, gender and LGBTQ+ causes. When I'm not doing that, I'm either gaming, reading or volunteering!

Jade Burnett

Community Development Co-ordinator

So I am one of those people who likes a bit of everything, my music taste varies so I go from being a Country Bumpkin to Metal Head and almost everything in between. In my spare time I like to socialise with friends, binge watch T.V, cook and read.

I like to think of myself as a huge nerd. Seriously I am an unapologetic Disney adult, I love Marvel and Harry Potter and all the supernatural/fantasy shows, including but not limited to the one and only Supernatural.

Position Vacant

Online Engagement Co-ordinator

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