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Here at Fife College we believe everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves equal access to opportunities and services and their safety should be protected.


That is why the college is committed to the elimination of all discrimination, advancing the equality of opportunity and fostering good relations among all people. Our equality and inclusion strategies are embedded into all policies and procedures to ensure the college creates a safe and inclusive working and learning environment.

The Fife College Students Association (FCSA) represents all students as Fife College, they host events throughout the year which celebrate national diversity days and months including LGBT history month and Pride. If you would like to find out more email

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‘As I, Director of faculty I have worked almost 25 years at Fife College. As a younger colleague I was welcomed to Fife College as an openly Gay man and had great support from Colleagues. In the early days it was difficult with some cruel comments from students. Today I really believe we have turned a corner with an inclusive college and indeed Scotland. Who would believe that 25 years ago I could and would be happily married to my husband Stuart! It is great to see youngsters comfortable within themselves. Yes there remains some discrimination within society but for me, career and promotions have been on my ability not my sexuality!’

Bryan McCabe Bell

Director of Faculty, Business, Enterprise and Tourism with Supported Programmes

"I've been lecturing with the college for over 5 years, and have always felt Fife College to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive place to work as an LGBT+ person. The organisation is great in this respect, this part of me is just not something that matters in any way. Being under the LGBT+ umbrella is not something I typically disclose to the classes I work with... sharing that level of personal information has nothing to do with our classwork! However, being open about it is not something that necessarily bothers me either. There's been a huge culture shift in recent years and I really see that in class groups, they're so much more publicly tolerant and aware of equality issues in general compared with when I was a student. It feels to me that they're that bit more supportive of individual difference, and the hard work of previous generations of equality campaigners has enacted real change. It's a really positive shift in attitudes, and one I hope flourishes into the future."

Joseph Harney

Lecturer of Social Sciences

"As a mature student, I have always kept my sexuality to myself, not because I am not proud of who I am, but because that’s the way I was raised. I notice the younger generation walking about proudly, unafraid to be themselves and it makes me smile. I smile knowing that the years of fighting for equality is actually working and I can see them benefit and I can just be me. I’m a little jealous they are so free during their youths but I am happy none the less."

Martin – Student 2019/2020

"I went to a really transphobic high school before I came to Fife college, and I could instantly see the differences. Where I would previously have been ridiculed for even suggesting a different ‘less known’ gender identity, yet at the college, I am accepted for who I am. The lecturers and classmates accepted my chosen name and respect me for it, and the college changed my name on the register quickly and without difficulty. During Pride month I walked around the corridors with a Bi pride cape, just because I wanted to express myself, and no one batted an eyelid, in fact, I was complimented often, which demonstrates to me the level of inclusion and acceptance the college has created. As an LGBT+ officer with the Students Association, I am very proud to be able to support my fellow students through the drop-in sessions on campus and by joining the social pages to raise awareness and stay in touch with like-minded people.

Rae – Student 2019/2020

"My experience being a part of the LGBT community at Fife College has been really, really good. Being an LGBT officer I was able to help raise awareness of the services that the college offers to their LGBT students and have my own voice heard. The college made me feel included as an LGBT student through their various support, awareness and opportunities and just generally because it is a great atmosphere to study in for anyone."

Kimberly 2019/2020


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