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Welcome to the Book Group!

Do you love reading? Can't wait to start your next book? Love chatting about the books you've read?

We have just the thing!

The FCSA Book Group hosts five sessions across the academic year, where we discuss our thoughts on the books we read. The sessions are completely free to take part in!

If you want to get the chosen book for free from the FCSA, you have to be a Totum Premium cardholder. You're more than welcome to buy the book yourself or borrow it from the library, but Totum is a great discount app for students that is probably worth signing up to anyway!

The FCSA also has free bookshelves on campus for students to browse through and choose from. You can leave your old books for someone else while taking home a new collection for yourself!

If you would like to join the Book Group, or learn more about our libraries, email

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