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Saving money on your energy bills

Don't fill the kettle up too much

Did you know that by filling your kettle all the way to the top you’re wasting energy and water? When making a cup of tea, think about how much water you actually need and only boil that. On average people use their kettle 4 times every day. By only boiling what you need you can save up to £13 per year.

Turn off standby appliances at the wall

When you are finished charging your phone or microwaving your meal, turn off the appliance at the wall to save money and energy. Stop charging your phone when it reaches 100% and avoid charging overnight. This can save you £65 a year. Turning off a games console could save you £25 per year and doing the same with your microwave can save you over £16 per year.

Glossary term for this is Vampire Devices! - when appliances are on standby or not in use they still use electricity, e.g. TV’s and phone chargers.

Take a 4 minute Shower

The average person spends 7.5 minutes in the shower, which costs around 11-20 pence. By reducing this to 4 minutes, you can save up to £95 per year. Top tips include turning off your shower when shampooing your hair or lathering up your body wash. Opting for a 4 minute shower rather than taking a bath once a week can save you £20 a year.

Get a Smart Meter fitted

Smart meters give you a constant reminder of how much you are spending on gas and electricity and can encourage you to turn items off or use less energy if you can. These are free to install. Interested in getting a smart meter fitted?

Contact your energy supplier. If you would like to talk to someone about any energy saving advice, contact

Wrap up in warm clothes

The cheapest way to save on your energy bills this winter is to wrap up and wear more layers. Wearing even a light jumper can increase the surrounding temperature by 3 degrees Celsius.

Turning lights off / switching to energy saving light bulbs

Something as simple as turning off your lights when you leave the room can save you £25 a year. Changing to LED bulbs at home can save on energy bills as well as reduce your environmental impact by up to 85%!

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