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How can the FCSA and Fife College can support you in living more sustainably?

Talk about it

Join the FCSA Climate Impact Society and come along to our fortnightly meetings to discuss all things sustainability. Take part in fun workshops like ‘Making Seed Bombs’, Grow Your Own Food, ‘Upcycling’


Bikes and E-Bike Scheme

Here at the FCSA, we've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to set up a bike scheme that has been funded by Energy Saving Trust and the College.

The project allows students/staff to hire an e-bike to try out. The bikes can be used for commuting, leisure, or increasing your health and fitness. Fife College students and staff can rent these bikes for £3 per week for students and £5 per week for staff.

Car Share Scheme

Since 2017, the FCSA has facilitated a car-sharing scheme for students. The scheme allows students who live and travel within the same areas to connect with each other, make shared travel arrangements and work together to reduce their carbon footprint and travel costs. Learn more here.

Fashion conscious

The Fashion Industry is responsible for 10 percent of Global Carbon Emissions and is the second largest industrial polluter. Fast fashion is a term given to the mass production and consumption of clothing. Instead of following the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, big fashion companies can have up to 52 micro seasons to consistently produce clothing that for the most part poorly and cheaply made.

When we pay less for our clothes, we can often value them less, and wear them less before buying more to keep up with trends. Buying clothes and other items is now so easy we can do it from anywhere with the click of a button, we wear fancy occasion outfits once and then put them into the back of the wardrobe never to be worn again.

While some people will re-sell on sites like Vinted, Depop or social media marketplaces many stay stored away until we clear out the cupboards and put them in donation bins or worse the rubbish bins.

At Fife College you can donate your old clothes to any of the available campaigns. The Sustainability team runs a permanent swap shop where you can donate your old clothes and select any new ones you want to take away with you. The Student Health and Wellbeing team run their annual Christmas Jumper, and Winter Coat Campaigns where you can donate or select a second-hand item for you or your family.

Get Loud

Using your vote in local and general elections can make a huge impact on climate change. By voting for parties that put the Climate Emergency and green initiatives in their manifestos, we can ensure our governments stay on track in tackling climate change and be held accountable.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-gift

Shopping sustainably is one of the simplest ways you can change your spending habits, instead of buying something new from major supermarkets, you can switch and support local independent businesses. Charity shops and thrift stores have plenty of good quality items you can upcycle into great personalised gifts. For example, a teacup and saucer could be paired with a tea collection and a second-hand book as a cosy holiday gift, or you could thrift some unique wine glasses to go with a nice bottle as a housewarming gift.

Reducing our food waste is also a simple yet effective way to reduce our carbon footprint, and it saves us money. By meal prepping and batch cooking, you can reduce your energy bills by not having to turn the oven on every night, and when we cook the day we buy, it is less likely that our food will go off before it has a chance to be eaten.

Saving our veggie scraps is a perfect way to make your own veggie stock that is packed with vitamins or composting them for the garden will help your plants and flowers grow.


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