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National Energy Savings Week 17th – 23rd January 2024

It's big energy savings week! Check out how you can save money and the planet!

With the cost of living at an all-time high, energy savings tips and tricks are more important than ever. They help save us money and help us tackle climate change by reducing our carbon emissions.

Here are a few simple things we can all do to help save money on our energy bills and save the planet.

1) Showering

Cutting your shower time to 4 minutes could save you £70 a year!

For many of us, our shower/bath time is one of our self-care rituals, but having an extra £70 in your pocket each year is a pretty good motivator to switch it out for something else.

Instead of a long shower, why not spend the extra time reading a few pages of a book with a cuppa?

For some musical inspiration, check out this playlist by WaterAid. Pick a song and challenge yourself to a four-minute shower.

2) Standby mode and overnight charging

Turning appliances off at the wall could save you £60 to £80 a year!

Some major energy vampire devices use large amounts of power when left in standby mode: gaming consoles, microwaves, and phone chargers are some of the worst.

Switch them off at the wall when you are done using them, and avoid charging mobile devices overnight.

3) How warm is your home?

Turning your thermostat down by 1 degree could save you over £100 a year!

One degree can make a massive difference to your annual heating bill; if you combine that with turning your combi boiler down to 60 degrees and only heating the rooms you use, you could save almost £200 a year.

In addition, by moving furniture away from radiators, keeping curtains closed and using door snakes to block drafts, you can keep the heat in your home for much longer.

4) Light it up

Switching to energy-saving light bulbs can save you up to £60 a year!

As your bulbs blow and need replacing, consider energy-saving LED bulbs, as they significantly affect your home energy bills.

In the meantime, simply not using lights when they are unnecessary and switching them off as you go can save the average household £15 a year.

5) Laundry and Washing up

Wait till you have a whole load of laundry before washing, switch to eco mode, and wash at 30 degrees when possible.

Reducing your washing by one load of laundry a week could save you £5 a year. You can save even more by letting your clothes air dry rather than using a tumble dryer.

Waiting until a full load in the dishwasher or sink reduces the water and energy needed to clean up.

6) Food and Drink

Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need.

Batch cooking your meals and storing them in the freezer reduces the amount you need to use the oven, which is a great energy saver. Cooking your meals in advance also reduces the amount of food waste in your household.


Interested in learning more about energy savings, climate impact and sustainability? Join the FCSA Climate Impact Society today.

For more information and support to help make your home energy efficient, check out Energy Savings Trust and Home Energy Scotland.


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