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By Tali Fisher

Veganuary is a 31-day challenge (or once a week, whichever suits you better) to eat vegan/plant-based foods throughout January.

Sound scary? Don’t worry! We are here to give you ideas and tips on how to reduce the meat in your diet. We hope this blog will give you some inspiration for simple vegan dishes that are tasty and affordable.

Vegetarian vs Vegan – what’s the difference?

The difference is that vegans eat no animal products, but vegetarians can eat eggs, milk, cheese and other animal products. There are a couple of different types of vegetarianism which are:

  • Lacto-ovo Vegetarians:

Avoid all animal meat but consume dairy and egg products

  • Lacto Vegetarians:

Avoid all animal meat and eggs however do consume dairy products

  • Ovo Vegetarians:

Avoid all animal products except eggs

  • Vegans:

Avoid all animal and animal-derived products

  • Pescatarians:

Eat fish and other seafood but no meat or poultry

Why Should I Do Veganuary?

Well, if you are unsure whether you can do a whole month, you could do a no-meat day once a week or a few times a week, or give yourself the challenge to go vegan for the full 31 days! Small steps, small changes; becoming vegan doesn't have to be dramatic. You will make a difference regardless, as you will protect the environment, prevent animal suffering and improve health. Just think about what you're adding to your diet rather than what you're removing. Aramark at Fife College will provide Veganuary dishes during January, and this is a great opportunity for you to try some vegan dishes as part of your Veganuray journey. You can also swap dairy with alternative milk when you order coffee or tea. Reasons for going Vegan: Why Go Vegan | Reasons for Veganism ( 7 Positive Impacts Going Vegan for the Environment

Vegan Dishes to try!

Kirsten Mullen, Sports, Societies and Events Coordinator:

“My favourite vegan meal is Jade's vegan lasagna.”

Emma Wallace, FCSA President of Education and Representation:

“Vivera Veggie Shawarma Kebab with pitta bread, sweet chilli sauce with tomatoes, red onions and lettuce”

If you don't like to cook from scratch, this is a great opportunity to try Emma's favourite vegan dish. You can buy Vivera Veggie Shawarma Kebab from the supermarkets, use Pitta bread or wraps, and add your preferred ingredients!

Jade Burnett, Community Development Coordinator:

“My favourite vegan dish is a chickpea and sweet potato coconut curry.”

Lauren Rosenbaum, Online Engagement Co-ordinator: "I'll go for sweet potato and spinach curry." Sweet potato and spinach curry — Co-op (

Tali Fisher, FCSA President of Welfare and Equality:

“On lazy days, my favourite dish to cook is Tofu Green Thai Curry stir fry."

Craig Walker, FCSA Manager:

Find more delicious dishes here:

We hope you found this blog inspiring and useful for Student Veganuary! You can sign up on the Veganuary website if you are willing to do a 31 day challenge here: Veganuary 2023 | Home | The Go Vegan 31 Day Challenge If you have any questions, please contact We have Green Club Society - if you are interested in joining or running the society with your great knowledge of environmental issues or plant-based foods, contact if you want to join.


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